Number ONE Mistake First Time Cabin Buyers Make
When you’re looking for mountain real estate whether it’s a cabin, condo, or land it can be exhilarating and at times taxing. It’s no wonder that often people want to get a jump start on the search right away. But searching for mountain real estate before you get preapproved for a loan is often a frustrating mistake.

Problem With not Getting Pre-Approved for a Cabin

The Problem is if you don't know how much of a mortgage you can afford, then your search criteria increases to unrealistic properties, which then bias you again properties more in your price range. It gives you the risk of falling in love with a certain cabin that is too far out of your price range. If you take the time before you start your search with a pre-approval from a lender, then you'll have a basis to start with, knowing that you have the financial capability to pay for that beautiful condo that you'll want the second you enter the door. It also gives you realtor confidence in your ability to purchase it, which automatically makes them much more contentious about your real estate needs.

If instead you go into your search knowing that you can afford the cabins or condo’s that you’re looking at, adds such a calming effect to your search efforts. This way you aren’t just dreaming about mountain streams, flowers, and breeze’s; you’re actively going through the steps required to make that dream a reality.

All in all not getting preapproved before searching for your mountain real estate is the number one problem people have.